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Vidi Aldiano

Vidi Aldiano is coming to you soon! Visit and join thousands of people at the Metaverse World and enjoy special performances by the one and only, VIDI ALDIANO. Get your Nuansa Bening, Status Palsu or Cemburu Menguras Hati directly through Metaverse World. Join the joyful and dynamic of Merchnesia Metaverse Concert and grab the ticket now!

Rp 25.000 / Session

Everyday, 10 June - 14 August 2022
at 16:00, 20:00, 22:00 and 24:00

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How to watch concert in MERCHNESIA

Get The Ticket

Can't wait to watch the Merchnesia Metaverse Concert? There will be a virtual concert from the spectacular Pusakata Band. To Start, please order the ticket now

Install App Client

To Enjoy the show, you need a windows based PC to install the application client.

Watch Concerts in the app

Congratulations! You can enjoy music concerts in the app. Provide the most comfortable position by enjoying the strains of a meaningful song.


Virtual Events are essentially a new form of live entertainment where the playfulness of Fortnite, the sociality of TikTok and the feel of a live concert meet together.
Vidi Aldiano's Metaverse Concert

Vidi Aldiano's Metaverse Concert

Vidi Aldiano Metaverse Concert Special Merchandise. Limited NFT designed by Merchnesia.

pusakata dunia batas #1

pusakata dunia batas #1

This is the story of a journey of many years about love and passion for music. Get this T-shirt designed by Merchnesia

pusakata rangrum #1

pusakata rangrum #1

The admiration and appreciation of a man who is in love. Limited NFT designed by Merchnesia.

pusakata kehabisan kata #1

pusakata kehabisan kata #1

Pusakata Kehabisan Kata People who are loved and wish had time to stop and enjoy the story.

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